BBNAIJA Nominated list is out. Who are you voting for?

It Day 66 of the Big Brother Naija show and 5 housemates have nominated for eviction this week. Tacha is safe because she won the contest and she is working on her presentation.

Here are the nominated housemates.

Day 66 of BBNAIJA Twitter treads

“Mike: We can’t take it to heart…. Mike: Khafi did an amazing job. She set the bar and carried the team I stan a man who takes losing in good strides and pays compliments to the winning team #BBNaija

“Master chef Diane with the most creative mind. Baked Carrot cake with a Toaster” @eyramadenkor

GADDAFI @Aaron_Zamani· “Tacha has found her calling, the Lord’s anointing is upon her; -A chef -makeup artist -content creator -video vixen -model -designer -influencer -clearing and forwarding My shoulder pads are touching the roof “

[email protected]· “I’m not even a fan of Tacha but you will never see her this bitter or angry when she doesn’t win something. She will always accept her L and try to do better next time. #BBNaija”

“I thought Mercy said the price money is nothing. Why is she so bitter? #bbnaija”

BBNAIJA discussion on twitter is hot, the posts above are the summary of this week’s Big Brother Naija reality show.

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