#BBNaija Tacha hits Mercy: What Could Happen to Mercy and Tacha for violence?

2019 Big Brother Naija housemates, Mercy, and Tacha face disqualification or get strikes from the organizers of the show for violence in the house.

A serious altercation occurred on Friday between the duo which led to Tacha hitting Mercy after both housemates engaged in a heated argument leading to what appears like a physical confrontation.

As the head of the house, Seyi called on Mercy to come to the lounge so they can read Biggie’s scroll in order not to break the house rule.

Mercy came out late for the reading because she was in the bathroom having. Tacha, who was already boiling within, seized the opportunity to reign insults on Mercy.

” You are a moron, remain there, and don’t come out. Clout chaser, old woman, you keep using your body to get everything you want. You’re not a virgin, so stop lying. You have been using Ike to get what you want. You can’t stand eviction, that is why you need Ike to help you,” angry Tacha said.

Responding, Mercy lambasted Tacha describing her as an Instagram beggar.

“You are very stupid, you Instagram beggar. Go and treat your body odour before you talk to me, you stink. At least, I have a boyfriend (Ike) to get me what I want what has your boyfriend done for you?”

During the melee, Tacha pushed Mercy and also dragged her wig twice, while Mercy, who struggled to control her anger, picked up a pressing iron but was stopped by Omashola.

With one of the house rules broken, all will be waiting to see if Biggie will wield the strong hammer on either or both of them.

It could be recalled that the housemates have been reduced to nine after a surprise eviction which saw Cindy, who had earlier separated Tacha and Mercy from fighting leaving the house.

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