High Rates Of, Drugs, Sex, HIV and AIDS This Detty December – Solidstar Says Drugs are cool Until They wreck Your Family

It is December again, those abroad men Tonto Dikeh talked about are here again to visit their families and have fun with Nigerian ladies. Be mindful of deadly diseases and cocaine, celebrities warns.

But it will be very good to seek caution, this is a “detty” December and everyone is trying to have fun. Young ladies are sleeping with married women, men are sleeping with their girlfriends. But no one is thinking of the risk and the rate of HIV and AIDS, or even drug abuse.

Solidstar says in take of drugs is cool until it starts to wreck a person’s skin, life and family. That is when it becomes uncool.

Majority of Nigerian men like to take drugs to boost their sexual hormones all in the name of satisfying their long seen partner this December. Forgetting that overdose of these drugs are very harmful to their health.

As at 2018, Nigerian had about 1.9 million people living with HIV including adults and children. It was also reported that Nigeria is the second country with the largest HIV epidermis.

Many Nigerians living with this uncurable disease are unaware of their status. This is even the most difficult aspect of it, it advisable to know your status in order to prevent the spread of this disease.

Since, there is little or no access to antiretroviral threatment, death rate is massive. Although, this disease has no cure, it can only be managed but the drugs to manage this HIV is scarce in Nigeria, which is the major challenge.

Consequently, celebrities, like JJC-Skillz(Funke Akindele’s husband) is concerned about the level at which youth take drugs. He says it is not as fun as they claim it is, rather it destroys lives. Adding that as the new year is approaching, Nigerian youths should “Be mindful, in fact stay away completely from “COCAINE”

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