Being in relationship is stressful, stay single – Juliet Ibrahim

Nollywood actor Juliet Ibrahim is back with another relationship advice.  She was in relationship with Iceberg Slim, but they separated last year.  She’s been single since and she is enjoying her single life so much that she wants to convince people not to get into a relationship. 

She became instant pro single life after leaving her younger boyfriend Iceberg Slim.  She is a beautiful single mother of one. She was previously married to Kwadwo Safo Jr and they had a son together. His name is Jayden Safo. Jayden was born in 2010. 

Juliet has adopted a new way of sending a message to her fans. Whenever she posts a picture on her social media page, she always adds a relation advice. 

She posted a picture yesterday and wrote: “Being single will save you a thousand times more stress than being in the wrong relationship”. 

Relationship advice is her new thing; here are Juliet’s other captions: 

“Women are definitely smarter than men… until they fall in love” – She wrote on IG

Sometime, she post emotional messages like this “I am thankful for my past because today I stand as the woman that my younger self longed to be and needed. It’s taken a lot of time, forgiveness of self & others, self-compassion, struggling through shame & trauma and yes some days it’s still tricky. Some parts of my story are still too tender to touch or say out loud; yet soon I’ll share it with the world. But I give myself a pat on the back and say thank you Lord for making me to see another day…because there are so many moments that I thought I wouldn’t or couldn’t.
Being self-aware now and free from trying to change what was or could be, I can stand tall in my roles as a mother and a leader. It feels good to be here, and to be the woman that my younger self desperately deserved and needed.
As I look at my past, I hold myself with understanding, compassion and care. I’m tender with my wounds and okay with the fact that some may not heal all the way. I Create space for anger, tears, joy, and starting over. 
I am so worth it. “

Stop telling people you meet what you’re looking for in a relationship. That person might just play the character! “  Juliet Ibrahim wrote on her page and people thought she was referring to her ex. 

“Watch out for those that act like they’re not watching. “  – Juliet again.  

“Beautiful girls are mostly single because no one ever believes they’re actually single… “ She said. 

Maybe she isn’t handling this post Iceberg Slim too well. Maybe she missed him or maybe she just speaking about her new lover. We’ll let you use your own interpretations. 

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