Beverly Naya confused on how an interview she spoke about her life, career and aspiration suddenly turns into marriage opinion

Popular Nollywood actress has got the shock of her life after the publication of an interview where she spoke extensively about her life, career and aspiration suddenly turn into an article about her marital life.

It is glaring that marriage is always the focal point when a successful lady sits for an interview with any media house. No one really wants to care about her career or aspiration, what they want to publish is about her marital life or her opinion on marriage.

It is, however, appalling that the society has confined a lady to marriage alone and all they term as a successful lady or woman is a person who is happily married.

Many media houses who are engrossed in publishing clickbait articles will always find a way to reconstruct the headlines and change the narratives of an interview session with a lady.

Well, that can not be disjointed from the poor reading habit of Nigerians too. The media houses have studied the nature of Nigerian readers and they have discovered that they only want to read an interesting part of every celebrity’s life.

Reasonably, the interesting part of a lady’s life is her marriage life or her opinion on marriage, those are the aspect that interest readers.

Beverly Naya has been caught in the same web, the popular Nollywood face took to Twitter to lament on how every article about a lady is always changed into marriage article.

See her post online:

Quite unfortunate that when a woman grants an interview in this part of the world, the headline is almost always about about her marital status or opinions on marriage. You’ll spend 30 mins talking about your life, career and aspirations only to have ‘marriage’ be the focus. Wow.

Most common headlines used for women:

‘Why I’ve chosen not to get married’

‘Why I’m still not married’

‘The kind of man I want to marry’

‘The right man hasn’t found me’

‘I will marry when God says I should’

‘I will get married when the right man finds me’

‘Why I’m single’

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