Beverly Osu exposes women “Women have faked orgasm for so long “

Beverly Osu took to her Instagram page to talk about faking an orgasm during sex. She admitted to faking an orgasm in the past and she thinks most women fake it to make the man feel good.

Do people really fake orgasms? Well, Beverly said yes. The controversial socialite is back exposing people and this time it’s about sex.

According to the popular actress, model, and entrepreneur, “Do not Fake it until you make it.”

Beverly would be discussing sexual struggles for men and women in conjunction with Durex.

Ah! Durex really got a great ambassador for this particular pleasure for two campaign. Who would think popular Beverly would have sometimes faked her orgasms. That’s what she said in her recent post.

Check this out:

“Don’t #FakeItTillYouMakeit “ Women have faked orgasm for so long and it’s time we talk about pleasure for two. Let’s gist about this ladies 😔🙄⬇️
Join me on the 12th of October, let’s discuss the sexual struggles of men and women.
DM @durex_ng sharing your #Ifakedittoo #pleasurefortwo story”

She admitted that she faked an orgasm before and she added that a lot of women do. However, she may be lying because she was paid to make the video.

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