Bishop Solomon delivers shocking revelation to Bobrisky (Video)

A Nigerian man of God, Bishop Solomon Anyanwu has revealed a shocking revelation from God to Nigerian famous crossdresser, Bobrisky, in a recent video.

It is worthy to know that this is not the first time Nigerian pastors would be giving revelation to Bobrisky claiming God revealed unto them. In the newest video shared online by the man of God, he explained that God revealed so many things to him about the famous crossdresser.

However, of all things that God revealed to him, there is one of the visions that keep coming back over time.

In the video, Bishop Solomon reiterated that in the vision, he saw Bobrisky run out of a house out of shame and reproach. The man of God begged the crossdress to desist from her unpleasant lifestyle because God still loves her and wants her to change or she might face the wrath of God.

He added that an occurrence will happen that will cause the crossdresser to take a big decision that will turn her life around for good.

See video below:

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that earlier this year, Apostle Omatshola has also claimed that Bobrisky is demonic. He explained that God revealed to him that Bobrisky is an agent of darkness orchestrated by the devil to lead people to hell.

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While we are yet to see the end of the demonic Bobrisky according to Apostle Omashola, another revelation has come claiming that God still loves the socialite despite her unholy lifestyle and would want her to change. Inside life!!!

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