Bisi Alimi Nigerian gay rights activist post scandalous video on IG

Bisi Alimi is openly gay and he is an activist, a public speaker and an HIV/LGBT and Gay right activist.   Bisi became popular for being the first Nigerian citizen to come out as a gay person on National Television. 

He’s been very outspoken since he came out of the closet (declared he was gay). He posted a video of himself singing naked in the bathtub. The video is on his Instagram account. He captioned it as #BisiAlimi enjoying #ToniBraxton in the shower 

Bisi Alimi is married to man, his husband’s name is Anthony Davis, and they married in 2016. 

Bisi Alimi and husband Anthony Davis renewed their wedding vows in Bali               

The couple married in 2016 and they recently remarried in 2019. The wedding took place in Bali. 

“Just want to share this wonderful news when you all. Tonight as part of our honeymoon, Anthony and I had the honour and joy of doing our vows again in the presence of Balinese priest. It was a great honour to marry this man this second time and in a wonderful and beautiful way” – Bisi Alimi 

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