Bizzare: Nigerian man says it is ungodly for Christian women and men to moan during sex

A newly married Nigerian man identified as Uzor Obinna Marvelous, who posed to be a devoted Christian has made a shocking statement online. He explained that it is a sin for any woman or man to moan during sex.

According to him, the first time his new wife moan during sex he took her for deliverance from the spirit of moaning and lust. And now instead of moan, she hums hymns during sex.

Is it not amazingly surprising that it is biblically acceptable that a woman hum hymns during sex instead of moaning? Is that not special?. Obinna equivocally stated that it is ungodly and wrong for Christian couples to moan during sex.

He went further that men do not like it when women moan during sex especially when it is too loud. He added that any woman that moans shows that she is sexually depraved and as for men that moan, it shows that they have been visiting sex workers.

Furthermore, he stated that any woman who calls the name of Jesus or speaks in tongues during sexual ecstasy should be sent to jail for defying the name of God.

Read his full post below:

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