Blackface Diss 2face again in New song called ‘War’

So Blackface dissed 2face again lol… Please what does he really want from 2face so we can give it to him. “you were my student years ago I though you how to rap how to sing … If I catch you I go I slap you … “ – Blackface he also said that 2face is gay. Check out the track below. 2face is yet to respond. #2face#Blackface

Blackface has a long time quarrel with 2face. He accused 2face of stealing his song and he claimed that 2face was the reason why his career struggled. He has tried many attended to get 2face engage in an online argument or beef but 2face didn’t give him the attention he wanted. As a result he went for a diss track option. A lot of people have called him out on this move. 

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