Blocking of Life… See Why Comedian AY Threatens to Unfollow And Block Some Followers

Popular comedian, AY has threatened to block and unfollow some people who insult her for not following them back after they followed him on Instagram.

In replying them, AY googled the rule and uploaded the screen short which explains that a user can’t follow more than 7500 people but can be followed by many. He has been explaining this to some who are not ready to believe him.

Satisfied now? He, therefore, urged them to be patient with him by not insulting him beyond pardon to avoid blocking of LIFE which will give another user space for an addition.

“Every time I say Instagram does not permit for you to follow more than 7500, people hardly believe it. Just go and ask Google. Please be patient with me until somebody insults me beyond pardon for the BLOCKING of life that will create a space for another fresh follower,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, this doesn’t go down well with some of his followers who said that he doesn’t reply DMs. According to a user, @amari_official1, he had sent AY DM for over two years without response.

“Me that sent boss a DM since 2 years now, he still haven’t replied…….. O ma ga o!!!”

Replying AY said it is not too late to reply to his message.

Some others dared AY to block them as he is not the owner of their lives while others are waiting for the space to be created for them to followed back by the ace comedian,

So, it remains unknown if AY has actually carried out his threat. A check on AY’s Wall shows that he had followed less than 7000 people.

We will know soon if he actually did. Bros AY, abeg no vex pass pardon oo, lol.

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