Bobriskly blocks everyone that address her a brother

Bobrisky is a cross-dresser, he was born as a male, he still has male body parts but he likes to wear fake women body parts and makeup. He wears fake breast and fake booty pads with lots of makeup to disguise as a female.

He would wear women clothes, fake breast, fake body parts, women a hair, women underwear with lots of makeup and post his picture on social media. But he gets offended when people address him as a man.

Picture of Bobrisky dressed as a man

Bobrisky’s picture after dress as a woman.

He dressed as a woman in this picture.

Fans commented on his picture and they addressed him as a man. Bobrisky felt insulted and he blocked everyone that referred to him as a man.

Check out his follower’s comments below

“ looking good Bro”

“ Hey bro, you are looking handsome, what do you expect to be called?. Your name is boldly written as Idris Okuneye, sorry bro “

“Cute Bro”

“You look beautiful bro”

He blocked everyone that used the word “Bro” in his comment section. Bobrisky wants to identify as a woman and he is ready to fight anyone that addressed him as a man or bro.

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