Bobrisky and James Brown ( They didn’t caught me) teamed up

The past few weeks have been rocky and entertaining. Thanks to the Nigerian cross dressers Bobrisky, James Brown, JPBlush and few others. 

Bobrisky is clearly the top of the group. He had beef with JPBlush. Jp Blush humiliated Bobrisky; “ Bobrisky stinks he said, he was kicked his *ss is leaking” he added. He also said that Bobrisky’s brother died of Aids and HIV; he said a lot of nasty things about Bobrisky.

This forced Bobrisky to respond briefly but he gave up after JP continue to air out his dirty laundry. However James brown came to support Bobrisky. learn more about the story below.

James brown said that he gave JP Blush 24 hours to retract what he said about Bobrisky’s brother HIV and Aids status. Later, Bobrisky invited James brown out after he defended him. They both had fund and danced.

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