Bobrisky Begs Followers for money to fund his Lavish Birthday party

The Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky needs some money and he turned to his followers for financial help. His followers do not live a lavish lifestyle like him, but he wants them to fund his lavish party.

He planned to have a big birthday party and he turned to the unusual people to beg for money to celebrate his birthday. Maybe he is running out of cash?

However, he is known for criticizing people that seek financial help, but this time he is doing what he has spoken against.

Bobrisky would call people broke because they seek or accept financial bits of help.

His birthday is coming up, he is cash strapped because he owes a lot of people money and the Nigeria police forced him to use his party money to pay those he owes money to.

Bobrisky arrested over N665 k and force him to pay half and the rest in instalment

A boutique owner accused Bobriksy of violating his endorsement contract terms and she won a judgement against him to refund the endorsement fees. Bobrisky was on the run and didn’t pay the money until the Nigeria police intervene and arrested him.

see Bobrisky’s reaction below

Bobrisky Ask Instagram Followers to fund his Lavish Birthday party

” For over many years, I have been giving back to the society by doing giveaways, helping lot of you without posting it here. Now it’s my birthday month start giving me birthday gift o. Love yall “ – Bobrisky

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