Bobrisky “ Big Brother Naija show is trash”

Bobrisky lashed out at the screening of Big Brother Naija show, he said it trash and he will never watch it again. Big brother show rerun resurfaced after the reunion of the recent class of Big Brother Nigeria show began to make the news again.

People are still addicted to it and it’s becoming more popular but Bobrisky has had enough of the show.

“Honestly God knows that I am never watching this next big brother show. The so called REUNION is trash. It wasn’t necessary at all. I tried avoiding it but the short clips on IG keeps popping up on my timeline. “ – He wrote on social media.

Bobrisky is a man but he dresses like a woman. He built a name for himself as an Internet personality and a cross dresser.  His real name is Idis Okunneye Olanrewaju. He was born in 1992, in Ebute Meta, Lagos Nigeria. He’s 27 years old.   He is very vocal and he is mostly linked to many controversies and Internet trolls.  

Bobrisky was a former big fan of Big Brother Nigeria show; he would sponsor fans by giving them phone credit to vote for show but now he is no longer a fan. He recently decided to turn his back on the show through a public outburst. 

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