I Don’t Pray My Haters Perish In Nigeria – Bobrisky

Bobrisky doesn’t wish haters death

Bobrisky doesn’t wish haters death. Nigeria cross dresser Bobrisky says he doesn’t wish for his haters to die in Nigeria. He shares a picture of his breakfast on Instagram and ask his fans to join him in the land of enjoyment

The social media freak ask his fans to join him in eating if they want to perish with him. Further stating that his fans should not perish in Nigeria.

Is Nigeria really a bad country?. Bobrisky says he does not even want his enemies to perish in Nigeria.

Obviously, he is saying the economy of Nigeria is very bad. No wonder many Nigerians relocate outside the country. Majority of them visit other countries like Dubai during vacation.

Regardless of what people say about him, Bobrisky does not seem to care. He believes everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you try to say something negative trust Bobrisky to tongue-lash you in return.

However, he is still in his recovery process after his liposuction surgery. Nonetheless, bobrisky never stops to share his previous pictures thereby putting his fans on suspense, as everyone is waiting for his new look.

Additionally, the cross dresser says he is for sale and deserves to be with an Arab Billionaire. Bobrisky doesn’t want a broke ass man because his bleaching cream is enough to buy him a house. Therefore broke men should stay away.

Funny enough, Bobrisky has deleted the post but Nigeriatunes was able to save it before then.

See the picture below:

Seems Bobrisky is not okay with the clash between Tonto Dikeh and SDK. Just when everything seems to have died down, Bobrisky says that some bloggers are having headache over his matter. He says the bloggers will be alright at the end of the day.

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