Bobrisky forced to pay Tacha after he promised her but failed to pay on time

Bobrisky pays Tacha some money. Bobrisky was among many Nigerians that promised the disqualified big brother Nigerian (BBNAIJA) contestant Tacha. Tacha led the poll as the most likely to win of the 2019 Big brother Nigeria show, but she was disqualified for violating the house rules.

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Bobrisky, along with many other people came online to promise Tacha money since she was evicted but they didn’t pay. People called them out and that prompted Bobrisy to scramble to find money to pay Tacha.

Eventually, she was able to pay half for now, and he promised again to pay the other half later.

Bobrisky promised Tacha N 1,000,000.00 but he refused to pay immediately and people called Bobriskly a clout chaser who wants to trend with Tacha.

However, he paid N 500,000.00 earlier today and he is expected to pay the rest whenever he has the money.

Tacha confirmed in the comment section that she received the N 500,000.00, but people are saying that they framed the transaction to make people think that Tacha received the money. And also to make people donate money to Tacha. Nigeriatunes could not confirm this but the transaction seems fishy.

She confirmed receiving money from Bobrisky.

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