Bobrisky has something rude to say to Actor Odunlade Adekola for calling him/her out on video

Odunlade Adekola made a statement on a video post and Bobrisky was upset about it. Although he did not mention Bobrisky by name, he said that “ You dress like a girl, but don’t do what girls do, you don’t open you body, you wear make up etc.”

Therefore, everyone knew that he was referring to the one and only number one crossdresser in Nigeria.

These comments didn’t sit well with Bobrisky, as a result, He/She (Bobrisky) lashed out with a very rude post directed at Actor Odunlade Adekola. He called him an illiterate who should go back to the village and he also called his kids bastard.

“  Good morning guys I’m so pissed but that won’t stop me saying good morning to my beautiful fans across the world. Dis man in dis video is a Yoruba actor with empty brain 🧠 like fish 🐠 net. Let me start from when this thing with a wide mouth like FEMALE SHE GOAT got admissions at university of Lagos at old age. I was in my final yr in school then when dis brother got admitted to Unilag for adult learning DLI…..Now the senseless idiot don hear small English nobody will hear world again. Now bros let me now send you back to that Abeokuta u live. You are talking about Bobrisky who dresses like a female ? Have u finished training all your Bastard children your workers have for u secretly? Secondly next time try and put more effort in your career and drink more water to mind your business… instead of you coming out like grown APE 🦍 to pull other people hustle down. Rubbish !!!!!. I repeat 2019 if u don’t mind your business I will show u road to your village.” – Bobrisky

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