Bobrisky In Need of Pants And Bras As He Get Ready for His Baby


Popular crossdresser, Okuneye Idris, Bobrisky is in need of some set of underwear ahead of the visit of his boyfriend.

The socialite stated this on his Instagram page recording a video of lingerie with which he claimed the size of the cup is small as he has grown big.

The crossdresser was ready to make use of the two days he has as the side chick of his man. He claimed that the lover who is married would spend a week with his housewife before coming over to him for hangout on Sunday and Monday.

” My fellow girls here…. I need new pants, bra. Sexy pant o pls. Guys stay away from dis topic pls. Can someone even sign me to her brand self. ,” he wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

Bobrisky is expected to hint the fans how day one went maybe we will have to wait till Tuesday as Bobby might get tired from the action.

‘Girls only’

In the video recorded on his Instagram page, Bobrisky lauded himself for having beautiful skin.

“You know my skin is beautiful, And I am sure black is beautiful.”

Bobby is really getting ready for a fun time. Guys have been advised to stay off the comment section. Ony girls are welcomed!

Watch the video below.

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