Bobrisky lies ” I Have 24 Boyfriends.. all of them spend on me”

The Nigerian male crossdresser says he has 24 boyfriends only, and they each spend money on him on different things. Bobrisky’s real name is Idriss Okuneye, he is a man but he identifies as a woman. Idris love to wear fake women body parts and a lot of makeup so he could appear as a woman.

He also advised women on how to use men for money.

In a series of posts, he claimed that he has 24 boyfriends and he collects money from all of them. See his post below.

“Thanks to all my boyfriends for spending on me. Someone was asking me one day how many boyfriends did I have. Anyways my boyfriends are just 24. I’m deleting some because they are becoming annoying and useless dis days”, he said about his boyfriends.

“Some of you girl were asking me on my previous post how I cope with 24 boyfriends. Now let me teach you, girls, how it is been done ✅. Not every guy that comes to ask out you send away. Keep some for bills. 
1) the one that will pay for your hair bills. 
2) the one that will fuck you well like never before. 
3) the one that pays for your business class trip 
4) the one that will recharge your phones 
5) the one that will pay all your hotel bills 
6) the one you will put in charge of your parent’s bills 
7) the one that will keep you company 
8) the one that pays for all your make up brands 
9) the one in charge of all your designer shoes 
10) the one in charge of all your pedicures 
11) the one to rent you a big store for business 
12) the one that will give you capitals for business 
13) the serious relationship one 
14) the one that will fuel ⛽️ all your luxury cars 
15) the one that will buy you the luxury cars itself 
16) all your jewellery someone must be there 
17) the one that pays all your workers working for you including drivers and cook 👨‍🍳 18) the one that will buy you a Manson. I think that should be no 1
19) the one you cal whenever you don’t feel like driving 
20) the one that can fight for you 
21) the one that pays for all your surgery fee liposuction etc….
22) the one that pays for all your underwears 
23) the one that gives you extra money to keep for future shopping 🛒 
24) lastly the one that pays for your bags” He added.

Bobrisky has been caught in a series of lies. He lied about having money and he lied about sex-change surgery. He told the world that he’s now a woman, ” I got my boobs and *ss done” I am a female, but it turned out to be a lie.

His recent claim of having 24 boyfriends may be a lie too.

Bobrisky with a strap-on breast.
Bobrisky without breast.

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