I Will Be Loyal If I Am Dating Someone Like Jowizaza – Bobrisky Says

Nigerian Crossdress Bobrisky loves money, he says he will be loyal if he is dating Jowizaza. Since he can’t cheat with that kind of person.

One of Bobrisky’s fans reveals that Bob is suppose to date some like Jowizaza. The crossdresser likes the idea, he says it is not a bad one since he loves money. Adding that if Jowizaza drops his fan should inform the billionaire that she has a girlfriend, for him.

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However, Jowizaza is reported to be very rich. Even richer than gucci ambassador Hushpuppi and his friend Mompha. Jowizaza worth several billions of naira.

Jowizaza who hails from Anambra is one of the youngest moneybags in the country and is younger than 35. Although, he has been silent, enjoying his wealth beyond the prying eyes of bloggers and journalists. But the saying that you can’t hide between your fingers is true as bloggers are able to drag the billionaire to limelight.

He drives the sleekest of cars and hangs around in the tush places. You find the billionaire lounging and hanging out in places like the Al Jumeirah in Dubai, the Red-light district in Amsterdam, New York, the Caribbean, London, Turkey, and many others.

Report reveals that Jowizaza lives in a mansion at Chevron drive in the Lekki area of Lagos. His mansion is well equipped with state of the art swimming pools and lined with several sleek cars. He also shops for luxury goods, including labels like Gucci, Zara E.T.C.

No wonder Bobrisky is head over heels in love with him. That is because Bobrisky loves money. Recently she says she needs can arab man who is very rich. Since her body cream can buy a plot of land. The cross dresser, Bobrisky also warns broke ass men to keep off.

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