Bobrisky to launch his Reality-TV Show [see details]

The Cross-dresser, Bobrisky prepares to officially launch his Reality TV show on his YouTube channel. Leaving her fans in suspense.

Bobrisky prepares to officially launch his Reality TV show
Bobrisky’s gram
Bobrisky’s gram

Bobrisky recently announced that he needs new pants and bra. Therefore asking guys to keep off the post. Now, want to start his reality show this weekend. The first edition of the show, according to him, would feature his home tour. 

However, he revealed that the show will involve more than three Cameramen. Who will be helping great to deliver a beautiful result. He, as well, called for his fans to subscribe to his YouTube channel. So as to enjoy the tour around his home. 

Bobrisky, originally, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, is a Nigerian Internet Personality. He is also an Enterpreneur who is known for his social media skills especially with the use of Snapchat.

The cross-dresser graduated from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). However, he became known by being highly controversial on social media. He never appreciates negative critics. Bobrisky thereby tongue-lashs anyone who criticizes him.

Bobrisky is originally a Muslim but practices Christianity. He then said that he can’t do ablution five times and have to do her make up again. Nonetheless, he regards the practice as tiring. 

He acquired quite a number of fans. Also says he is beautiful than 70% of females in Nigeria. Bobrisky was able to gather traffic to his Snapchat account and already getting subscribers in her YouTube channel also.

This plainly shows how influential the boy-girl can be. Consequently, the 26-year-old boy-girl is creating a record and achieving success for himself with his cross-gender personality.

Bobrisky let the fans to await the wonderful editions of the show. The cross-dresser always thrill his lovers. Definitely the reason for his tv show.

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