Bobrisky says dressing like a woman and getting money from guys is her way of hustling

Bobrisky lashed out at people who condemned her way of life with a stern Instagram post today.

He said that he had a choice to steal, do fraud or become a killer for money but he didn’t do those things.

“ Dis was me ten yrs back suffering with no mother to care for me, I lost my mom few months before dis pic. Out of suffering I still struggled to sponsor myself to university of Lagos. I study accounting…. At dis time of the me depression was living inside me but I choose to overcome it. Where were the Nigeria police to help me then, where were the federal govt then to provide job opportunity to the fresh graduates. Now people wanna judge me.

I choose not to be anything to make money such as Robert, Fraudsters, killer etc…. but hustle had with wat I know. If u don’t want God to punish u just leave Bobrisky alone !!! Now I’m a millionaire everybody wanna judge pls just use ur unfollow button I beg u. love u “ – Bobrisky.

It seems like Bobrisky has had enough of the Internet bullies, she got called out for wearing fake but pads, fake breast pads, fake eyebrow and for using too much make up.

Some of his followers always accused him of prostitution because he always say that he can please any man with good head and collect money from the man or make him pay for his bills.

Flash back at Bobrisky’s outrageous claim

“ My mom taught me how to suck dick “ – Bobrisky

Click play on the video above to see Bobrisky’s Claim about how her mom taught her how to suck d*ck.

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