Bobrisky Survives Liposuction Surgery

Bobrisky survives her liposuction surgery

Crossdresser Bobrisky survives her liposuction surgery in Dubai. Bobrisky revealed on her Instagram page yesterday that she wanted to go for surgery.

Meanwhile, she went for a spa before the surgery appointment to restore her courage. Bobrisky, however, continues that she was afraid and prays she survives it. She said ”I’m scared….surgery time. Wish me luck. I just signed. I pray nothing happens to me after the surgery”.

She actually signed the agreement despite knowing that it was dangerous. Now, the surgery is successful and she shares the good news on her page.

Subsequently, Bobrisky whose real name is Okunleye Idris Olanrewaju is not fully okay yet. She shares a video of blood-stained clothe on her IG. This shows that she is still bleeding from the surgery.

She says ”all my body is swollen. I’m bleeding little by little. I can’t wait to show you guys my new body. I can’t sit with my buttocks for one month. I’m glad I did dis surgery outside Nigeria. Can’t wait to flaunt my new body”.

Meanwhile, liposuction surgery is simply a fat removal process. In some cases, the extracted fat will be fixed in a particular part of the body especially the buttocks.

Since the transgender Bobrisky did a Liposuction clearly means she went for a plastic surgery to improve her bumbum. She has been waiting for so long for the surgery as she discusses it with her bestie (Tonto) severally.

Moreover, she can not wait to reveal her new body to the public after recovering. Her best friend has also been worrying about her but thankfully she is okay.

Most of the female celebrities are fond of undergoing plastic surgery to look beautiful in good shape. Well, her fans hope to see her get better soon.

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