Bobrisky told Tonto Dikeh to ignore her estranged husband

Tonto Dikeh went on a rant on social media for more than two days about her baby daddy Churchill. She insulted him, she called him a broke bastard and she also insulted his mother.

She followed up with more about their relationship and her plans to make his life miserable.

The recent misunderstanding happened after Tonto Dikeh revealed that she changed their son’s last name to her name.

Tonto Dikeh is an actress, a retired singer and a social media person. She married Oladunni Churchhill in 2015, but they divorced in 2017.  They have a son together and his name is Andre Omodayo Churchill.  

Tonto Dikeh changed Son’s name

Olakunle Churchill’s estranged wife Tonto changed their son’s name from Andre Omodayo Churchill to ‘King Andre Dikeh’. The internet called her out for his move but she fired back with a harsh comment. “Don’t even fuck with me! NO MAN BORN OF A WOMAN CAN TELL ME WHAT TO AND WHAT NOT TO DO!! KEEP YOUR BASELESS ADVICE TO YOURSELVES!!! #MAMA DE PAPA @kingandre_dikeh” She wrote.

She added .

Few days after, she went on social media to insult her Ex-husband again and she also insulted his mother.

Tonto Dikeh insults estranged husband Churchill and his family “Broke bastard … Useless set of family “ 

Bobrisky saw the outburst and he sent a message to Tonto Dikeh on social media.

” @tontolet good morning mama. I called you mama because have lived with you, eat with you, joke with you, gist with you, and all I see is a woman with a good heart ❤. Pls my dear friend never allow anybody take that smile you put on always from you. Remember your advice to me. You said people opinions never put food on my table that I should ignore haters. Mama pls ignore all dis people. Let anybody who want to grant interview continue granting interview. We don’t care 🤷‍♀.When he is tired 😓 he will stop granting them. Wish i was close to you now, but am far away to Enugu for a movie 🎥. Love you mama @tontolet ❤❤❤❤ “ Bobrisky wrote to Tonto Dikeh.

Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh are best friends on social media, they support each other all the time and they do offer each other advices via social media. He saw that Tonto continues to engage internet trolls and he told her to ignore the trolls and her estranged husband.

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