Bobrisky tricked people with fake breast and makeup

Bobrisky shared a picture that exposed his cleave and his chest looks like a woman’s chest. He was wearing a fake strap-up breast and he blended it with his skin with a lot of makeup.

Bobrisky is a guy, his real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, he became famous for dressing as a woman and acting like a woman. Some people questioned his sexuality but he came out to say that he is not gay.

Although his action says different because he’s been caught saying that he likes guys and that he likes to give guys oral sex. He continues to maintain that he is not gay. He also said that he is undergoing sex change but some people close to him said that he just use a lot of makeup and filters.

Bobrisky caught without makeup and his fake breast shifted to one side 

Bobrisky shared a very fake photoshopped picture of himself today in other to trick people into believing that he has a real breast. The picture looks fake and he used a lot of makeup to make it look even. Bobrisky still looks like am a man when not with makeup. He has manly hair on his chest when pictured without makeup and fake breast.

Photo of Bobrisky with hair on his chest and no makeup on his chest

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