Bobrisky undergoes surgery!

Bobrisky undergoes surgery. Popular crossdresser Bobrisky says he has just signed the papers for his surgery and he is afraid.

Bobrisky prays nothing happens to him after his surgery and also asks his fans to wish him good luck.

Nonetheless, someone who requests his fans to wish him good luck turned off the comment section of that particular post.

Why did he turn off the comment section? Probably he isn’t ready for insults from his fans. But we don’t know what type of surgery he wants to undergo.

See below for video:

Since Bobrisky is a cross dresser, he might want to enlarge his breast or his “bumbum”. Or better still he wants to take off his manhood LOL because he is a lady now. Maybe he is having health challenges.

Moreover, his best friend Tonto Dikeh is not happy about the surgery, she is afraid and wishes him luck on her IG page.

Noticeably, Bobrisky is still operating his Instagram account doing give away for his fans, as at this morning be has uploaded a picture on his IG Page.

Probably, someone is managing his account because he hasn’t said anything about the surgery up till now.

However, fans are waiting for the news of his surgery, some fans even went as far as asking about his surgery on his next post. Butt no responses from Bobrisky.

Obviously, he is aware of how arrogant some fans can be and he doesn’t want their remarks to affect his mood.

Certainly, Bobrisky’s jolly friend Tonto Dikeh did not follow him for his surgery as close as they are. Or is it not allowed by the hospital.

However, no one knows the name of the hospital, it might be a hospital in Dubai. When he returns fans might get full details

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