I Want To Get Married In 2020 – Bobrisky

Finally, the popular and most talked-about crossdresser in Nigeria Bobrisky wants to get married in 2020. She reveals this on her Instagram page.

Is his marriage going to be vision 2020 or is he only joking about the marriage?. Maybe he is only trying to draw more viewers and followers to his page. Fans have started congratulating him.

But who is he getting married to?. Will he marry a girl or a boy?. Don’t forget Bobrisky calls himself a Queen when God created him a man.

However, if he finally gets married, fans will know what sex he is married to and how does he plan on getting pregnant?. He might employ a surrogate mother because a man certainly has no womb to carry a child.

Sequentially, there has been a recent trending tweet demanding how female actresses and celebrities like Bobrisky gets their money.

Is it that the men are not hardworking or the ladies are involved in sugar daddy relationships. Then they disguise themselves as actresses and OAPs.

Since he has been away in Dubai for a very long time, for his Liposuction surgery, probably he underwent the surgery in anticipation for his new husband or wife as the case may be.

See the picture he shared:

Recently, he got himself a new Bentley, adding it to his Range Rover and Benz. Who gives Bobrisky money?. He is practically rich, he probably has a politician boyfriend who lavishes money on him.

At a point, he says he desires a rich Arab man as his boyfriend because his body cream is enough to buy a plot of land.

He might claim he gets money from adverts, visibly the advert he runs on his Instagram handle is not enough to give him such luxurious life. Moreover, he doesn’t have any business of his own. Yet he goes on vacation for months in Dubai with his best friend Tonto Dikeh. Now Bobrisky wants to level up in 2020 when he gets married.

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