Nobody Wears Hair Better Than I Do – Bobrisky

Bobrisky wears human-hair better.

Bobrisky wears human-hair better. Popular snap chat queen Bobrisky says no one wears human hair better than him. Even celebrities?. He shares a picture on Instagram to disclose the level of disturbances he receives from hair brand owners.

While speaking, Bobrisky says he cannot wear a hair brand for nothing less than 4 million naira. That is if he wants to wear and promote any hair brand for six month he will receive 4million naira no less.

He further mentions that it is wrong for business owners to ask him questions on what he has stated clearly. After he mentioned that his hair-deals is 4 million naira some hair owners still sent him emails to negotiate the price.

Consequently, the cross dresser says, in as much as you can’t ask network providers like MTN to slash money for recharge cards. His deals are not negotiable because he is a premium brand.

Bobrisky adds that he is different from anyone else and if they can’t afford him they should use their models.

Obviously, he is different from other people because he is cross-gender. It is confusing when choosing the pronoun to use, maybe a “He” or a “She”.

Meanwhile, is Bobrisky clearly stating that no female celebrity wear a human hair better than him?. Bobrisky is someone who brags. Sometimes ago he said he is more beautiful than 70% of girls in Nigeria.

With his attitude will he get married someday? Will he give birth to kids someday?. Or will he remain as he is for life.

Probably on his wedding day he will change his name Idris to a female name. Fans are curious to know which man will marry Bobrisky as his wife at the end of the day. Or will Bobrisky marry a woman?

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