Bolanle Ninalowo’s brother Kenneth Ganiu Ninalowo was arrested for $ 1.4 million fraud

Nigeria Nollywood industry is a little shaken up with the fraud news as it involved a relative of a very popular Nollywood actor. The FBI and the EFCC have been busy arresting many Nigerians in relation to fraud and they recently picked up Kenneth Ganiu NInalowo.

Kennet Ninalowo is Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo’s sibling. According to someone close to the case, Bolanle and his siblings live a flashy lifestyle. As a result, people are tagging Bolanle thinking he was directly involved with the fraud. However, the FBI did not arrest Bolanle.

The FBI report said, 40 years old, Kenneth Ganiu Ninalowo was arrested and charged with $ 1.5 million fraud. He and his crew targeted a community college and an energy company in Chicago. They stole about $ 5 million and sent it to fraudulent bank accounts controlled by Ninalowo and friends. The prosecutors FBI were able to recover 3.6 million and they are charging Ninalowo and his accomplice for $ 1.5 million fraud. 27 years old Britney Stokes was also named on the wanted list for the crime and she was also arrested.

FBI report about Ganiu Ninalowo

“Following an investigation led by the FBI’s Chicago Division, Brittney Stokes, 27, of Country Club Hills, Illinois, and Kenneth Ninalowo, 40, of Chicago, Illinois, were charged in the Northern District of Illinois with laundering over $1.5 million from proceeds of BEC scams.  According to the indictment, a community college and an energy company were defrauded into sending approximately $5 million to fraudulent bank accounts controlled by the scammers.  Banks were able to freeze approximately $3.6 million of the $5 million defrauded in the two schemes.  Law enforcement officials seized a 2019 Range Rover Velar S from Stokes and approximately $175,909 from Stokes and Ninalowo.” The FBI report reveals.  

The Ninalowo brothers are well known in Chicago as big boys and this arrest doesn’t shock some people that are familiar with their lifestyle.

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