Brotherhood Prevails As Runtown and Eric Manny Finally Reconcile

Anyone who listens and loves Nigerian music should be no stranger to the name “Runtown”.

Runtown, whose real name is Douglas Jack Agu, is a thirty-year-old musician, songwriter and producer. The “Mad over you” crooner from Enugu State burst into limelight after his collaboration with award-winning pop musician, Davido, on the song titled “Gallardo” in 2014. The success of this hit song earned Runtown a multi million naira contract with Eric Manny Entertainment – a record label owned by billionaire businessman Prince Okwudili Umenyiora also known as Dilly.

Even with amazing hits like, ‘Mad over you’, ’For life’, ’Lagos to Kampala’ and more recently, ’Emotions’ under his belt, the musician didn’t exactly have a rosy time with his former record label boss, Dilly, the owner of Eric Manny Entertainment. Both parties had been at each other’s throats for the better part of their contract duration with alleged contractual breaches, death threats – Runtown accused Dilly of pulling a gun on him and subsequently sending several life-threatening messages, bullying, and unpaid outstanding royalties accusations thrown at each other. The power tussle between Runtown and Dilly even involved several court injunctions and lawsuits abroad and within the country, and a few ugly statements aimed at each other on social media.

However, Runtown was finally handed a lifeline in July 2018 after a Federal High court in Abuja freed him of all contractual ties with the record label giving him full control of his music. The artiste then started his own record label with the name ‘Soundgod Music Group’ and has been working his way back up quietly, albeit at loggerheads with former boss, Dilly.

And despite the bitter war that led to the end of a seemingly troubled business relationship, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Both Runtown and Dilly seemed to have decided to bury the hatchet and let brotherhood reign according to statements and video evidence released by both parties. Runtown made the first move by apologising to Dilly on Twitter on Tuesday, 1st October 2019.  After which some major stakeholders in the industry came together as peacemakers and set up a reconciliation meeting with both men.

With Runtown and Dilly shaking hands and smiling with each other in the released video, we are happy to confirm that the ‘beef’ between them is finally over. They have released statements to the effect that all is well between them and that they hope for a better future for all involved. We can only wish them good luck and look forward to good music and better management on both sides in the future.

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