Burna Boy “Elton John Played my music, I am blown”

Elton John played Burna Boy’s song on his show and Burna was very excited about it.

For those who don’t know, Elton John is a very popular person, he is singer, songwriter, pianist and a composer. Mr Elton Join is well respected around the world and he has a very song followership. If he endorses a song, the world will catch on and listen to the song right away.

He endorsed Burna Boy’s song on his radio show as a good song and it meant a lot to Burna Boy. See Burna Boy’s reaction below.

A video of Burna Boy reaction to Elton John playing his song.

The is no way you can tell me rubbish again, I don Blow” Burn Boy said in a video as he listens to Elton multiple times.

Burna Boy is in still doing International promotion for his African Giant album. He has enjoyed tremendous success this year and he is growing daily. Beat radio (Elton John’ Show) is another great platform for Burna. His streaming is expected to soar further than estimated as a result of Elton’s endorsement.

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