Burna Boy the African Giant sends a strong warning to AKA over his comments on the attacks on Nigerians

Burna Boy didn’t hold back his words towards South African Rapper AKA who supports the attack on Nigerians.

AKA tweets earlier that Nigerians should go back to their country. The message came at a wrong time when Nigerians are being killed in South Africa. Also, AKA didn’t retract his words, he continues to push for a black foreigner to leave South Africa and the message is fueling hate between South Africans and Nigerians both online and on the ground.

Skales and YCEE called him out but he continues to insult Nigerians. Burna Boy jumped in and unleased on rapper AKA. “You better have heavy security when I see you”.

Skales and YCee condemn South African rapper AKA over his comments on the attacks on Nigerians

@akaworldwide i knew you was retarded but I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. Next time I see you you better have a big security bro,On Gambos Grave ur gunna need it”. Burna Boy wrote to AKA.

See the rest of Burna Boy’s tweet about the Xenophobic attack on Nigerians below.


The African Giant, Burna boy added he has experienced Xenophobic attack at first hand with South African before. Read about his experience below

Many Nigerians are angry at AKA for supporting attacks on Nigerians and for continuing to push for hatred against black foreigners.

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