Burnaboy takes a shot at artists who boasts about their streaming numbers.

Burnaboy is an outspoke person, he observes the Nigerian music industry and gives unsolicited inputs randomly. A few weeks ago he spoke about and condemned artist who signs record deals with foreign record labels.

“I feel so sorry for all you Nigerian artistes jumping into these international deals

You guys don’t know what you’re doing.

I will forever be thankful and grateful to my manager/mother for making sure I will never be an international VICTIM

I feel very bad for every single 1 of you

I’m hearing some really crazy shit out here

I’m so sad for y’all “, he said about Artist that run to American record companies for record deals.

He made the above statement on the same day that Tiwa Savage announced her departure from Mavin record to sign another deal with Universal Music Group. Some fans thought his comment was disrespectful to Tiwa Savage but Burnaboy did not retract his comment.

Burna Boy took a shot at Mayorkun

Earlier yesterday, Davido’s artist Mayorkun shared his music stream achievement and Burnaboy responded with a comment that says streaming doesn’t mean talent.

Mayorkun shared that he accumulated 70 million streams on all platforms, ” Thank you for 70 million cumulative streams ( all platforms) on my debut album, The Mayor of Lagos. Time for new music? who’s ready”, Mayorkun wrote on his Instagram account.

Burnaboy responded he said “ This streaming sh*t be making people think they’re actually talented. If joke things like “Baby Shark” and “Gangnam style” can do more numbers than everyone, Don’t think you are talented or respected because of your streaming numbers. Everyone with real working brains knows what is a joke and what is real. Anyway, plenty talk no dey full basket. Let time reveal all.

His remarks didn’t sit well many Afrobeat music fans, see the fan’s comments below.


Although He did not mention Mayorkun’s name, the fans assumed he was talking about Mayorkun. Burna Boy had a successful year in the year 2018. He won many awards at the end of the year, he thinks he’s earned his stripes and he can say whatever he wants but the fans think he is talking too much.

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