Bus driver masturbates while driving after picking up a female passenger

Picture of the driver (look below to watch the video)

A female passenger felt disgusted when she entered a public transportation bus in Lagos just to notice the driver masturbating with his right hand and driving with his left hand. 

The lady that recorded this video was a passenger on the bus; she entered and sat on the passenger side next to the driver. 

She noticed some strange motions from the driver; she secretly recorded the ordeal on video and shared it on social media. She wrote “ Wonders shall never end as I entered dis useless man’s bus from ayobo to iyana ipaja..I calmly video him before challenging him, pls if u leave around around dis he-goat area kindly advise ur female children to stay away from him b4 we begin hear another story”. 

Surprisingly some people felt like it’s all right for the man to masturbate in a public place and while driving. 

Viewers discretion strongly advised.

Click here to watch the video

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