Busted!!! Kenyan lovers descover they are siblings few days to their wedding (Photos)

John Njoroge and Rose Wanjiku (not real names) are Kenyan lovers and they have been courting for sometimes. The duo decided to take things more serious between them by fixing a date for their wedding. In accordance to the African law and traditions, prior before the wedding the two lovers must introduce their family to one another.

Interestingly, John introduced his finance Rose to his family and he got the most shocking and surprisingly devastating news that his wife to be is his siblings. Expectedly, John and Rose could not get over the shock they got from the news that they are siblings.

John revealed to Kameme TV that he was told that his father got another woman pregnant outside wedlock and that child was Rose his wife to be. Similarly, Rose’s parents also told her that her marriage to John can not work out because she will be marrying her half brother.

Funnily, the duo are scared to fall in love with another person because of the fear that they may be going out with their siblings as well.

Polygamous marriage is highly prevalent in Kenya, the men of the country take in as many wives as they can and that doesn’t disturb the numerous concubines they keep outside. Often times, many news about philandering in Africa is mostly coming from Kenya like a man caught having sex with a married woman.

Their Polygamous nature can no longer be hidden under the rug since the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta signed a bill into law in 2019. The bill allows that a man should be allowed to marry as many wives as they wish but be ready to share equal inheritance to all. This bill has given Kenya men the opportunity to marry another woman outside wedlock without been charged for it by their first lawfully wedded wife.

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