Cadet UK Rapper died in a Taxi car crash on February 9th, 2019

Cadet (Real name Blaine Cameron Johnson) was involved in a car accident early this morning that led to his death.

British rapper Cadetdied in a car crash while heading to a show atKeele Universityat Staffordshire. Cadet’s Instagram name is Callmecadet, he was 28 years old and his real name is Blaine Cameron Johnson. His family confirmed his death on his Instagram account. He was a Muslim and fans, family and friends dearly love him. 

The exact details leading to his death was not released to the public.

We do not have all the information surrounding his death. We are trying to find out if other passenger died with him. We are waiting for an official report of the car accident that killed UK raper Cadet.

Another unofficial report says that the UK Rapper Cadet Died In Taxi Crash En Route To Gig, Aged 28. We will update this post soon we find out more information.

UK Rapper Cadet songs

Cadet is a talented artist from UK, check out the list of the song he released below.

Advice 2018

Letter to Krept 2016

Closure 2018

Ain’t Like That 2018

100 Phone Calls 2016

No More Letters The Commitment 2 · 2017

Instagram Girls The Commitment 2 · 2017

Gipset Flow The Commitment · 2016

Invest The Commitment 2 · 2017

Don’t Take It Personal The Commitment 2 · 2017

The Stereotype The Commitment · 2016

Little Bro The Commitment 2 · 2017

The Commitment The Commitment · 2016

Friday to Sunday The Commitment 2 · 2017

Ooouuu 2016

Southside 2017

No Way The Commitment · 2016

Words From RA The Commitment 2 · 2017

Gipset Flow Pt. 2 The Commitment 2 · 2017

What’s Good 2017

Wanna Know Why The Commitment · 2016

From The Roads The Commitment · 2016

Ask Me 2018

Rapping Mother Fucker 2017

Meek Mill The Commitment 2 · 2017

RMF Freestyle 2017

Not Now [Bonus Track] The Commitment 2 · 2017

Active Living 2018

He released two albums before he died,  The Commitment and Glockumentary. His instagram account is now private