Cardi B Annoys South Africans as She Announced that Chioma B is Coming to South Africa

Cardi B
Cardi B

American female rapper Cardi B decided to share a good news to South Africans in a way most South Africans were not happy with. The rapper took to Twitter early this morning, February 21, 2020, to announce to the South Africans that she would be in the country soon.

That is the good news but the bad news was that she didn’t say Cardi B was coming to South Africa, instead, she said Chioma B was coming. The fact that she dragged Chioma B to the announcement was the bad news most South Africans on Twitter have been agitating against.

Recall that Chioma B was the name the American rapper earned when she visited Nigeria in December 2019 for the year’s edition of Livespot X Festival. Most Nigerians never knew that the rapper has associated herself with the name until today.

So, when she told South Africans that Chioma B was coming and that they should teach her more about the country, most South Africans faulted the fact that she had to drag Nigerians into what suppose to be their own shine.

Instead of Chioma B, most of her South Africans Twitter followers suggested South African’s names to her. One of such names is Khanyi B. Others who can stomach the fact that Cardi B dragged Nigerians to the announcement, decided to ignore the name she used and answered her request.

Since she shared the tweet, both Nigerians and South Africans have continued to drag the name of the American rapper.

Though she has not disclosed the details of her planned visit, her tweet has succeeded in reawakening the bitter rivalry between Nigerians and South Africans on Twitter.

Going by the mixed-reactions the tweet has generated so far, many critics have continued to wonder whether the rapper decided to use the tweet to ignite the rivalry between the two countries intentionally or she shared it innocently.

Here is the tweet Cardi B used to ignite the South Africa Vs Nigeria rivalry on Twitter

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