Cardi B Down With Diarrhea After Eating Ghana Food(video)

Cardi B is down with diarrhea

It is no more news that Cardi B is in Ghana for one Livespot Festival which also took place in Nigeria. The American Rapper Cardi B is down with diarrhea after eating Ghana food.

She shared a video while in the rest room revealing that she doesn’t know what she ate or drank, now her stomach is fucked up.

This declaration has made Nigerians laugh at Ghanaians that Nigeria is a better place for her to be. Since she did not develop any form of sickness during her stay in Nigeria.

See the video below:

However, Ghanaian celebrities have accused her of lying they also claimed that CardiB snubbed them when they went to visit her in the hotel she stayed. The celebrities said CardiB was only pretending, but seeing this video of her in the toilet will surely convince them that her words are true.

Believe it or not Nigerians gave her more reception than Ghana ever did. The crowd that showed up for her event in Nigeria supersedes that of Ghana.

However, in a video a Ghanaian celebrity identified as Akuapem Poloo was trying to show Cardi B her twerking skills. Along the line her wig falls off, making the celebrity to run off the stage and Cardi B was laughing.

See the video:

Funny enough, Shatta Wale a Ghanian artist had earlier dissed celebrities in Ghana. He was standing up for Cardi B after Ghanians lied against her. Shatta Wale says Cardi B doesn’t know anyone, you can’t be dressed like a church girl while trying to see CardiB who is a stripper.

Fans are happy and they feel Cardi B is a straight forward and open minded superstar.

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