Cardi B threatens to file for Nigerian citizenship

American rap queen, Cardi B has threatened to file for Nigerian citizenship following the recent attack and killing of Iranian Army general by the US drone. The incident has become the latest gist in the world presently. While many people believe that the United States government led by Donald Trump maybe right for killing the Iranian Army General, many others believe that single act by the US can lead to the 3rd world war soon.

Recall that it was earlier reported that the US president, Donald Trump ordered that the United States drone attack on an Iranian airline which led to the death of one of the top rank officers of Iranian Army, Qasem Soleimani. In defense, the US president claimed that his decision was to stop a war and not to ignite one.

Meanwhile, the decision has sparked a lot of controversial comments from people in different countries of the world. Similarly, American music has joined millions of people around the world to condemn the killing of the Iranian Army general by the US government.

The singer took to her Twitter handle to condemn the killing. Cardi B reiterated that it was the dumbest decision to be taken by Donald Trump.

See her post below

Furthermore, the singer lamented about the potential crisis that could ensue following the careless decision by the US government. She stated that Trump is just endangering the lives of Americans. However, the funny part of her comment was the part she disclosed that she will be filing for her Nigerian citizenship.

Recall that the singer fell in love with Nigeria during her first visit sometimes in 2019. Cardi B gave a mindblowing review about Nigeria and her people. Many people would have seen this coming following her love at first sight for the country. This newest development in America against Iran might just be the perfect opportunity for the singer to change her nationality.

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