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Developing story: Bomb blast rips through Konduga, Borno State, killing 30 people.

According to CNN, Three suicide bombers, two girls and a boy, killed 30 people and injured 39 others when they detonated explosives in Nigeria’s northeast, emergency response officials said on Monday. Red Cross officials attend to some victims injured in the Konduga bombings on Monday. According to Ali Hassan, the leader of a self-defence group […]

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Nigeriatunes giveaway Every first Monday of the month.

We are giving money to 10 people today, if we get a lot of entry, we will increase it to 20 people. 5K each or 10 K each depending on the number of entry. Tell us something interesting about your favourite Nigerian celebrity ( be detail). Tell us why you need money. How often do […]

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Nigeriatunes Giveaway

NIGERIATUNES MONTHLY GIVEAWAY EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH 50 K FOR 10 PEOPLE We have decided to start our Nigeriatunes Monday Giveaway. EVERY FIRST MONDAY of the month we will give 50K to 10 consistent readers on The next giveaway will be on June 3rd, 2019. So for today, we will be giving […]

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