Cee-c “ Nina told me that Tobi and Alex had sex on BB Naija show”

Big Brother Naija’s 2018 casts roommates had a reunion and Cee-c brought the drama back when she leaked a secret that Nina told her.  

The show was hosted and mediated by Ebuka; all the BB Naija cast were present. Tobi, Alex, Cee-c, Anto, Leo, Ifu Ennada, Khloe, Bitto, Rico, Bambam, Ahneeka, Miracle, Princess, Brule, Teddy A, Vandora, Nina, Dee-One, Angel and Lolu were all in the building.  

Cee-c shared details of her encounter with Nina and she didn’t hold back on airing out people’s dirty laundry. “  I didn’t know that she was going to even talk to me, and then the next morning, she met me and told me the Leo lost his mom. The first question was, ‘ why are you telling me about Leo’s mom? ’ I mean, I am not the one who was situation-ship with Leo in the house. 

Now, on the plane, funny thing, the first thing Nina said ‘ Nina I can’t forget that’ to me was that Cee-c, ‘do you know that Tobi and Alex had sex on the show’.  And I was laughing so loud because these guys said they are besties in the house.  I was surprised; I’m like what’s happening here, I was dealing with all the negativity I was dealing with on the show”. –  Cee-c said while leaking the secrets that Nina told her.The show ended with a drama and the reunion of the show ended with another drama. Check the post below to watch the video

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