Ceec friend-zoned Leo again “ we are just friends”

Leo wanted to date Ceec and they have been seen together on many occasions. Leo spent a lot of money on her but now Ceec has friend-Zoned him publicly. He likes her a lot but Ceec has many potential toasters and she is not trying to give that up for Leo.  She is also still interested in Tobi, Tobi is also a fellow housemate on BBNaija reality show.  

Ceec said she’s focused on her hustle and other men for now and she doesn’t care if some of her fans don’t like it.  “ If you don’t like me you can go away,” she said on her post on her Instagram story. 

“Leo and I are friends and will always be friends.  The shippers who want to stop being a fan simply because they don’t think woman can be successful without being tied to a man, Bon Voyage! Please make space for people who truly believe in my mission, my potential and me. Love you all regardless”, Ceec. 

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