Channels TV Put itself on the Spot in Nigeria as it angers Yoruba Over Miyetti Allah’s Comment on the Platform [Videos]

Channels TV

Nigerians especially those from the South-Western part of Nigeria are not happy with one of the most-watched Television Network in the country, Channels TV, over a comment a guest on the TV station made this morning, January 21, 2020.

On today’s edition of one of the most followed programmes on the station, Sunrise Daily, the station hosted the spokesman of one of the most controversial group in the country Miyetti Allah to comment on the proposed security organization “Operation Amotekun” which the Southwest Governors are trying to set-up.

While answering questions from the presenters of the show, Miyetti Allah’s spokesman, Salah Alhassan, described the proposed security organization as “a Yoruba ethnic militia” which has the “highest threat to Nigeria’s democracy at the moment”.

This statement was not enough to anger the people of the western part of the country who are generally Yorubas, Alhassan went further to drop a bombshell which the people of the ethnic group may never forgive him for. He said, “Despite the education of Yoruba people they still remain the most primitive in their political culture”.

The word “primitive” which could mean “Crude or obsolete”, did not go down well with most Yorubas especially those on Twitter. Since a clip of the interview dropped on the microblogging platform, people from the ethnic group have been dragging the station for even allowing a representative of a group like Miyetti Allah on its platform.

Watch a clip of the interview here:

On the flip side, have you seen the video of a Channel TV reporter who covered the recent gas explosion that happened in Lagos? The reporter was so passionate about his job that he wouldn’t let anyone stand on his way.

While the reporter was making his analysis live on air, another cameraman, probably from another media outlet, crossed his way and he had to hilarious shove him aside and continued with his report like nothing happened.

See the reporter of Channels TV doing his thing here:

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