Chief Shedrack N. Ejinwo, A 75-year-old man with HIV rapes a 14-year-old girl

An old man raped and possibly infected a 14 years old girl with HIV and he got away with it.

The alleged rapist’s name is Chief Shedrack N. Ejinwo, he is 75 years old and he lives in River State.   According to reports, the underage girl told a family member that she was raped by the Chief Shedrack N. Ejinwo. The family took her to the hospital for a check-up and she began treatment. 

However, the case was not reported to the police in time for a proper investigation.  A Facebook source said, “the wife of the Medical Director, Kendox Medical Services warned the victim to keep what transpired in the hospital to herself and never to disclose it to anyone”. The assault was kept private and they started to care for the girl.

The man was tested and confirmed that he has HIV, but the girl’s lab may take a while to show HIV infection.  The hospital staff proceeded to treat her to prevent infection and they arranged follow-up care for her.

The police arrested the Chief Shedrack Ejinwo and case made it to the police station and to court.  A lawyer took over the case and arranged for a settlement with the victim’s parents who accepted a sum of N 370,000 payment plus hospital care.

Chief Shedrack N. Ejinwo was detained briefly but released after paying N 370,000 and that led to the public outcry. Read more below.

Case settlement document.

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