Christaino Ronaldo becomes the most popular person on earth as the footballer hits 200m followers on Instagram

Five times World Best Footballer winner, Christiano Ronaldo has set yet another record of being the most popular person on earth. Football is no doubt one of the most spoken languages in the universe, the game of sport has been able to mend broken parts among nations of the world.

Juventus forward, Christiano Ronaldo has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a versatile being. His success on the field of play would not hinder his success outside the pitch. Over time, there has been a long-standing comparison between the Portuguese player and his counterpart from Argentina, Lionel Messi. Many people believed that while Lionel Messi is naturally talented, Christiano Ronaldo is a product of intense hard work.

Well, there are times when hard work pays well than talent. The ability to beat all odds to become great.

The Portuguese star man has broken another record outside the game of football as he hit 200m followers on Instagram.

According to the report from Forbes, Christiano Ronaldo makes a whooping sum of $47.8m yearly on the Instagram sponsored post. Little wonder, CR7 is among the richest athletes on earth.

The player is making use of every opportunity available at his disposal to accumulate wealth. He runs a fashion store where he sells wears, also a fragrance store, all in his brand name CR7.

Christiano Ronaldo unseated Selena Gomez in 2018 to become the king of social media. Selena Gomez is about 33m followers away from Ronaldo.

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