Church members nab Pastor in hotel room trying sleep with wife of Church Elder (Video)

An unidentified Ghanaian pastor has gotten more than he bargained for after he was caught pants down with an elder wife in a hotel.

The Church Elder stormed the hotel room with some boys and seized the Pastor who appeared to be ready for action.

It was not clear if the Church Elder and his wife had planned to humiliate the promiscuous Pastor. Or probably the Elder had gotten a top off from people outside about the philandering nature of his wife with their promiscuous pastor.

It is, however, laughable how men of God turn into another creature immediately they step down from the pulpit. This is a man of God that must have preacher against adultery, letting people know how much God detests it. However, he was caught in the act, not even with a random hooker but with the wife of an Elder in his Church. Well, it is easier to give free advice but tough to follow it.

Interestingly, many of this man of God is always swift to give a moral condemnation to every evil act perpetrated by others. However, they are not a saint after all. Meanwhile, it must be noted that while we have many wolves in sheep clothing and many charlatans on the pulpit today. We still have men of God who have not compromised the faith on the bed of Delilah.

It could be recalled that a similar occurrence happened in Nigeria. A pastor had alleged that God revealed to him that Naira Marley is a demon established to destroy the destinies of youth in the country. However, the Pastor has a running sex video with a church member on one of the biggest porn sites in the world. What a life we live in.

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