Cleveland Police Shot And Killed A Suspect Attempting To Rape A Woman!

The incident (Photo)

East Cleveland police shot and killed a suspect attempting to rape a woman while pointing a gun at her. 

According to the police department, they said that officers responded to a call from 13855, Superior Ave. for a report of a rape in progress around 3:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

The report says that the police officers were at the scene, trying to stop the rape incident. While the suspect tried to frighten the police by hitting the woman with his gun. 

The police, therefore, instructed him to put down the gun. But he ignored and went on with harming the already pinned woman.

However, the passers-by disclosed that the suspect was shot when he tried to hit the victim with his gun. And however, disobeyed the police instruction to drop the gun. 

Meanwhile, the passers-by witnessed the event. They filmed the incident and sent it to the social media. 

According to the report, the suspect and the victim were taken to University Hospital where the shot suspect was confirmed dead. It is also said that the woman is being cared for.

Moreover, the identity of the man killed by the police is yet to be known. Also, investigation is being carried out on the police involved in the case. 

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