Controversial radio personality Daddy Freeze says ” SARS should arrest people praying for their enemies to die”

Daddy Freeze is an outspoken anti-church person. He is against the way pastors run their churches and he seldom preaches for church overhaul. He dislikes popular pastors and their way of life and he is always ready to condemn many of them.

He uses his social media account and his youtube page as a tool to disrupt things. Today September 7, 2019. He took on the church members who pray that their enemies must die.

Daddy Freeze wants all Christians who pray that their enemies should die to be arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS.

“SARS needs to start arresting people praying for their enemies to die by fire and begin charging them for attempted suicide,” said Daddy Freeze, the self-proclaimed leader of the free nation.

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