Coronavirus updates: FG warns retailers and suppliers of facemasks and hand sanitizer against price inflation

The Federal Government of Nigeria through its agency that regulates consumer right, Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), on Saturday 29 February warned the suppliers of necessary protective apparels taking undue advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria to inflate the prices safety and protective apparels like hand sanitizer and face mask to desist or face the law. The information was released via the official Twitter handle of the commission.

Read memo below:

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria, measures have been taken by the Ministry of Health to sensitize the citizens on the possible means of protecting themselves from the deadly epidemic. Anti-bacteria wipes, hand sanitizer, face mask, and others are some of the preventive apparels that the ministry of health stated for the possible prevention of COVID19.

Expectedly, suppliers of these apparels have started taking advantage of the unfortunate incident to make a brisk of business for themselves. Reasonably, the prices of these supplies have been inflated than normal.

It came to the notice of the Commission that some certain pharmacies in the country has taken an indiscriminate advantage of the situation to manipulate the prices of the supplies which negates the statutory code of conduct in the market-distorting the sensitivity and access to the supplies. The commission surveillance team also detected that some suppliers delay supply of these apparels in a bid to manipulate the price which might, in turn, endanger the lives of people.

Considering the effect of this nefarious activity on the life of many Nigerians, the commission has decided to take a serious legal action against it. In view of this the Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) urge all Nigerians to be vigilant of such activities around them and report any culprit found in the act to the following numbers 08056002020, or 08056003030 or be email: [email protected]

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